Little Prince

Between Heaven and Earth

A moment of ritual performed during the Charak Puja festival where the devotee is tied with hook on their  back and sways hanging from a bamboo pole. The ground on which they fall is embedded with glass, thorns, knives & other devious weapons.The blessing of the god keeps him safe from all the possible harms.The festival not only reflects the blind faith but also the eagerness to accept penance on the road to achieve salvation. Captured this during the Charak Festival in a village in North India.

I miss you Dad

On the day of Mahalaya people pray for their deceased relatives and take holy dip in the holy river Ganga - the act being called 'Tarpan'. I saw this man crying for his father and the intense feeling on his face reveals how close he was to his Dad.

Radha Krishna - The Immortal Love Legends

With Krishna, Radha is acknowledged as the supreme Goddess, for it is said that she controls Krishna with Her love. It is believed that Krishna enchants the world, but Radha enchants even Him. Therefore She is the supreme goddess of all.

Acceptance in "Lens-O-Scope 2014" All India Salon of Digital Photography

Eternal Wait

When rest of the world was celebrating the arrival of a new year, this poor old lady was waiting for the arrival of her only son who has abandoned her. She only hopes one day her son will return. This is the story of a Mother whose Wait is Eternal.

Epson Fotoflock Photo of the Month (Sept 2012)

Tribute to Indian Woman

Women of India play a dual role in this society - they are home makers and also share the responsibilities of their husband in running the family.

A Beautiful Girl

The Smile

And life goes on at the Mall

The Chowrasta or the Mall in Darjeeling is where the roads converge. It's a meeting square to lounge and enjoy the views. And it is just another day for the street vendors with lot of hopes & expectations.

What did the shadows say?

Street Life

Two worlds

Mother India

They say light is invisible, but becomes visible when it falls on some object. Whatever is prominent in the low light speaks a great deal about her and whatever is hidden in the darkness speaks a million. She is none other than our very "Mother India" embodied.

Man with the Bioscope

This is the story of a poor man who came from a remote village in Bihar to earn his living during the festival of Durga Puja. He brought with him a bioscope, his only possession and with it lot of hopes and expections. But Alas! He was surprised to see people in the town playing Angry Birds on their Mobile phones and iPads. No one came near his little bioscope. With tears in his eyes and all dreams of earning shattered he has decided to leave the town. The world seems just moving away from him. I saw this man in Siliguri town Station as he was waiting for his train which will take him back.

The Search

Curves of Life

A hard working farmer from North India who has seen a lot of curves in his life.
Acceptance in "Lens-O-Scope 2014" All India Salon of Digital Photography